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Casa De Alguaztar

Your holiday in the heart of the Alpujarras

Welcome in Las Alpujarras, Andalucia

Between the highest mountains in Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, the region of Las Alpujarras is one of the most enchanting and beautiful ones in the world. It's a joyous land of sunshine, snowy mountains and some of the most splendid scenery imaginable.

The high mountains have their own special beauty: wild and brooding in winter, they come alive in early summer with the scents of wild herbs and the spectacle of tiny, brilliantly coloured flowers, many of them unique to Sierra Nevada. Altitude and sun have combined to evolve more endemic botanical species in Las Alpujarras than in all the rest of Europe.

As the seasons change, so does the appearance and character of our mountain world.

Winter is the most dramatic. Snow lies thick on Sierra Nevada, occasional rains enrich the green life of the earth, amazing cloud 'dragons' swirl up the valleys and the sunsets are a joy. A log fire at night is a must!

Late January sees the first swathes of blossom: pink and white almonds, and soon spring arrives for real, putting on a Monet show of colour in the valleys. The sun warms the countryside and there is a fresh liveliness in the pure mountain air.

Summer time is fiesta time! Each little village celebrates its own festival and for some this marks out an itinerary in itself of dance and fireworks, saints and wine. For others, the high mountain villages are a haven away from the coastal heat.

The gentle peacefulness of autumn follows; rich in colour, usually warm and sunny.

Grapes are ripe on the vine, walnuts, chestnuts and mushrooms can be picked by all. Higher up in the hills, the nights begin to cool, while below in the valleys, where the microclimate is semi-tropical, swimming pools are still in use throughout October and even into November.

All year round, we welcome you to stay in our Casa de Alguaztar in Bubión, Las Alpujarras. Whether in winter, spring, summer or autumn, there is always something to see or do!

Bubión Las Alpujarras Andalucië

Our story

The seedling of our Spanish adventure emerged when, as an 11-year-old, Christine became fascinated by a children’s book about a girl living in Málaga. From then on, her heart always beat faster whenever 'Spain' crossed her path.

Tom's Spanish story began when Christine crossed his path and gave him, next to all her love, her passion for Spain, for free.

The idea of moving south one day always seemed like a dream, but became a lot more concrete when we found and bought our dream house

in 2010: Casa de Alguaztar in Bubión, a beautiful white village on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia.

By the way, we did not invent the almost impossible name of 'Alguaztar'. In a distant Spanish/Moorish past, Alguaztar was a hamlet

just outside Bubión.

For the first few years, we rented out our house as a holiday home. Year after year, however, we did small (and big) renovations, to finally make it our dream home. A small-scale B&B it was going to be, and we were going to live under the Spanish sun. Corona threw a spanner in the works for another year, but finally, in the summer of 2021, a fully packed moving van drove off from Belgium to Bubión.

In 2022, we took our first steps in our new adventure and gradually learned the job. From 2023 onwards, we want to share our dream with you

in full and make your heart for Spain beat a little faster as well.

Welcome to Casa de Alguaztar!

Christine and Tom


What we offer

Private room with private bathroom

Towels for bathroom

and swimming pool

Fans, central heating, fireplace

Fridge, freezer, honesty bar

Large swimming pool, gardens, terraces and tinaos, so everyone finds their own place while there

is room enough to share

Private parking area at the house

Free wi-fi and internet

A range of information on our villages, activities, local products and crafts

(hiking maps, guides, shops, restaurants, workshops, etc.)

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